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Chrysathemum Fuchsia Brooch/Fascinatr

120,00 €


Chrysanthemum-Inspired Feather Flower Brooch and Hair Clip




Chrysanthemum-Inspired Feather Flower Brooch and Hair Clip

Introducing our Chrysanthemum-Inspired Feather Flower, a versatile accessory designed to be worn as both a brooch and a hair clip. This stunning piece features intricate feather petals resembling a chrysanthemum flower, allowing you to effortlessly transition its use between adorning your attire and enhancing your hairstyle.

Equipped with a secure pin clasp on the back, the flower can be elegantly fastened to your clothing or accessory. Additionally, it includes a sturdy hair clip, providing flexibility for styling your hair with ease and comfort.

Perfect for weddings, formal events, or everyday elegance, this handcrafted feather flower combines beauty and functionality, ensuring you radiate charm and sophistication wherever you go.

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