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Felt Hat Beret Barbara Navy Blue

250,00 €

Upcycled Felt Beret-Style Hat



Upcycled Felt Beret-Style Hat

Discover versatility and sustainability with our upcycled felt beret-style hat, a unique addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from upcycled felt, this voluminous hat offers multiple styling options—it can be worn tilted to the side or positioned at the back of the head.

The outer felt surface features long fibers that can be smoothed down for a sleek look or tousled for added texture. Inside, it is lined with blue fabric and trimmed with velvet ribbon along the edge.

From a top view, the hat measures 22cm in diameter and stands 12cm tall. Due to its elevated fit, the inner circumference measures 53.5cm.

Embrace eco-friendly fashion with this distinctive hat that combines elegance with sustainability, perfect for making a statement while minimizing environmental impact.

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