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With our Nordic roots we worship nature, identifying the divine with nature itself. The symbols of nature worships are flower inspired and it is inside our veins from birth. We grew up playing and dancing with flower and forest etherial fairies and spirits. Their lightness and ease while connected to nature gives enormous ancient feminine power. We strongly believe that in every hand-made flower has it's own fairy inside that gives you the power of Mother Earth. But not all fairies are good, some of them are a little naughty, find the one that’s yours. 

QLR Disain is all about ladylike look but with whimsical details. We create unique design fascinators, inspired by the grandeur and grace of flowers and nature. Each fascinator is hand-made from start to finish in our workroom. Shapes and flower petals expertly made from feathers, cut and shaped by hand.  Every flower is unique and we are here to help every woman to express their style and beauty with their own fascinator. Our style is for bold women who loves to express her style and message with a statement piece, she likes to stand out. 


Kaie Kuuler